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 Alien/UFO Collected Evidence

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PostSubject: Alien/UFO Collected Evidence   Alien/UFO Collected Evidence EmptyWed Jan 16, 2008 8:34 pm

I am beginning a collection of alien/UFO evidence which I will be using in the future to also present elsewhere for the purpose of education newcomers to the issue. If anyone has any evidence to add, or if there is anything that I get wrong or whatever, please let me know. I am trying to assemble evidence which is believable, professional and can't easily be explained away. Also, evidence which further compliments the body of evidence I will be compiling.

I need to get a clear perspective or outline of what the body of evidence tells us. The most significant report to consider is of course the Disclosure Project, headed by Dr. Steven Greer. But their focus is on aliens being pleasant, whereas the Greys can be far from pleasant. However, I have read about psychiatrists who have studied victims of abduction and who claim that the negative abductions turned out to be staged, whereas the positive ones turned out to be authentic (staged as in, they were abducted by a covert military group which implanted the suggestion that it was done by Greys.) However, if you go out on a further limb and believe in a psychic such as David Wilcock, he suggests that there is in fact an unfriendly alien race waiting to dominate the Earth but by some Universal law they can't until we (psychically) permit it to happen, also that most UFOs visiting the Earth are not by pleasant races (however all of his Astral Travel alien encounters have been pleasant.) You also have a symbolist like Michael Tsarion, who shows us the roots of evil through the symbolically recorded accounts throughout history. This ties into the Reptilian Theory; whom some say is an evil race who have secret domain over the Earth and are trying to pervert us genetically into something inhuman, and others say nay; they are peaceful and are only harmful if they feel threatened. I spent some time, as some of you may know, digging deep into the Reptilian issue, but much of the evidence is spotty at best. The best source of them being an evil race is through the physic Peggy Kane. But, it is not strong evidence and is rather subjective. Through the Disclosure Project we can see that the Military Industrial Complex is planning a fake alien invasion (just as they had planned 9-11, long before it unfolded.) That gives merit to seeing alien races as positive, as to not fall for it when or if it unfolds. However, if alien races are unpleasant and we have unknowingly signed a contract with them (as one conspiracy theory claims between the US government and the Zeta Greys) then we may be in trouble. So you can see why it is important to get a full, realistic grasp of the evidence.

To quote an old native character from the X-Files, "Nothing disappears without a trace." I have to agree. So, I must believe that this evidence can be assembled correctly and a general understanding on the real setup can be realized.

Okay, let's get started. There is tons of evidence about UFOs and aliens to convince a reasonable-minded person that they exist. Witness testimony is important, especially when they have great credentials and years of experience in their field/s to back it up. When you have *hundreds* of highly respected witnesses who are willing to face public scrutiny to speak about out about aliens and UFOs, you’d have to be dumber than a doornail not to appreciate it. The Disclosure Project Briefing binding also features lots of visual copies of official documents, and then there is the 4-hour summary of the witness testimony (a two-hour version which can currently be viewed online for free at

Just a couple more links:

Disclosure Project Briefing:

Greer conference with Canadian media in Toronto. Take a close look at the media members' collective enthusiasm by the end, and know that NONE if it was never reported:

U.N. to debate contact with extraterrestrial civilizations:

Psychology Today:

The Disclosure Project has failed, despite having over 400 highly respectable members of society (army majors, scientists, innovative engineers, ect.) from America and several other countries, due to the mainstream media shutting them out, and are now redirecting their efforts in what is called the AERO Project; a project which strives to securely manufacture and distribute what is essentially life force energy (a everywhere, endless, non-toxic, extremely powerful and natural fuel option) across the world. The usage of this natural energy for fuel was discovered through the covert study of UFO technology. It would mean the collapse of the standard energy industries, including electricity and oil (and by the way, a great investigative reporter named Greg Palast, who works for the BBC because the American media shut him out, has uncovered in a recent bestselling book that the oil companies know that we have only tapped into about 30 per cent of the world’s known oil wells. That is why they are not afraid of collapsing.) The 13 families are tied into these industries of course (the Illuminati), as they are war (the most profitable of all industries), and the Illuminati are more powerful than our governments in case you’re wondering.

The Disclosure Project Homepage:

The AERO Project:

It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.
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Alien/UFO Collected Evidence
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