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 Bush, Clinton, Bush ... Clinton?

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Bush, Clinton, Bush ... Clinton? Empty
PostSubject: Bush, Clinton, Bush ... Clinton?   Bush, Clinton, Bush ... Clinton? EmptySun Jan 20, 2008 8:47 pm

I had a bad premonition about Hilary and started doing my homework. I don't like what I see at all. I am, honestly, scared. Here is a cut-down version of an article I have written:

Hilary Clinton is touting 35 years in public service for the reason why she is best qualified for the position as leader of the US; and those “35 years of public service” are exaggerated; most of that time she worked as a lawyer (not serving the public so much as her own pocketbook), and only in the last six years has she served as an elected official. You might say that her main accomplishment was being married to Bill. In her six years in the senate she has failed in achieving any major initiatives, and in fact Hilary rubber stamped many of the Bush Administration’s major initiatives. Although she touts Universal Health Care, with her eight years as First Lady and seven years in the senate, she has failed to push that mandate to fellow legislators.

Not once in tenure did Hilary Clinton support to repeal the US Patriot Act, despite her party’s cries to end the war in Iraq. Hilary Clinton rose her hand in the affirmative for every single move to further the war. In fact, for every major issue that the Democrats have advanced, with the single exception of health care, she has remained conspicuously absent. Even her stance on health care should be taken with a grain of salt because of her deep involvement with the insurance companies.

For 27 years now two families have served as either President or Vice President of the US, as president for 19 of those years. But most of all I am concerned about Hilary Clinton herself. Based on the facts I believe it would be incredibly dangerous and unwise to place such a person in power. Surely, after all that has transpired, this mistake will not be made...again.

Check this out. Watch the short video and see the dictator-wannabe in action.

Who are leading in the Republican and Democratic poles, anyone know?

Who do you think should get in, and why?

It is good to have an end to journey towards, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.
-Ursula Le Guin
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Bush, Clinton, Bush ... Clinton?
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