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 How a different perspective can help you cope with pain.

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How a different perspective can help you cope with pain. Empty
PostSubject: How a different perspective can help you cope with pain.   How a different perspective can help you cope with pain. EmptyThu Jul 03, 2008 9:43 am

This is my story in which I want to share the accumulated wisdom I have gained by studying spirituality. It is information that have changed the way I perceive the world and that have helped me to cope with my schizophrenic mental illness. It has healed me through improving my relationships with people by giving me peace of mind and making me more forgiving and tolerant of negative people. It has helped me to love myself and others more unconditionally.

I think I can really help some of you allot by giving you some spiritual advice. Understand that I am not trying to convert you over to anything. I respect the path you have chosen in life. But please forgive me if it seems as if I am trying to impose my beliefs over yours, because that is not what I am trying to do. I only want to provide someone with help that they might need someday. You are free to belief whatever you want.Here is my first piece of advice. I would like to tell you the purpose behind pain:

Our souls are just like flowers. They also need both water and sunshine to grow stronger and bigger. The bigger they grow the more water and sunshine our souls require. Now the sunshine represents all of our happy, peaceful and joyful moments in our lives. And the water represents all of our sad, unhappy, lonely, depressing and painful moments. When we are crying we all of our teardrops are giving our souls their water.

So what I am saying is, judging by all your tears you might have shed, that you must be a very strong and big plant to receive so much water. You must have lived many, many previous lifetimes before and after each reincarnation your soul must have grown. In your next life your soul will receive much needed sunshine you are looking for. You will have just the opposite life of what you have now.

The bible also says ďI will reward you for your suffering...the depth of your suffering will be compensated, through self knowledge and healingĒ. There is truth in this statement because there is a Universal law in the Universe called the Law of Rhythm, which says that the more the pendulum swings to the left the more in will swing to the right. Just as surely as daylight follows night so will good experiences follow the bad experiences. Opposites always attract

In order to find the light you have to enter the darkness first. So the darker it gets around you the more brilliant and luminous the light will seem when you have found it. But you canít find the light without entering the darkness first. There is al law of balance, which says that any negative experience you have will always attract an opposite positive experience. Then there is a law of relativity, which says that nothing is good or bad until you can relate it to something else. It depends with what you compare it with. There will always be someone in a worse situation than what you are in and you therefore are not alone.

Then there is the Law of attraction that basically says that we create our own reality by the thoughts and feelings we have. Just go and watch a movie called ďThe Secret.Ē When we accept responsibility and stop blaming, criticizing and judging others our problems will disappear. Then there is the law of Karma, which says whatever kind of energy you sent out in a previous lifetime will return to you in the same format. So if you sent out negative energy it will surely return to you. You also had to choose your parents and the body with a genetic predisposition to your disease. You chose to have this illness so that your soul can grow and you can move much closer to the Source or God.

Progression requires resistance to support it just like fish need the resistance of water to support them swimming and birds need the resistance of the air to support them in flying. The more progression you make the more resistance you will receive. So in other words when you make progress in any area of your life (which could have happened in your previous lifetime) you will receive challenges, obstacles and any thing or anyone that will create a painful emotion in you. Just allow the negative energy to flow through your hart charka and it will be converted into positive energy.

Try to non-resist the energy-forgive those who hurt you by choosing not to criticize, blame or judge them. I do realize that in theory it is simple but in practice is it very difficult. Therefore choose something like meditation to help you relax and get your brainwaves in the correct state of mind. Choose for example relaxing New Age music or a brainwave entrainment product.

I would not recommend suicide as a solution for your problem because there exists a big chance that you might have to reincarnate into another physical body and repeat your current lifetime over again with all of the same tests, challenges (illness) and lessons having to be repeated. This is not punishment but rather a gift of unconditional love since God is giving you another chance to learn your lessons and past your tests.

I definitely think that God must have His/her own Mother and Father and they would thus be our Grandparents and we are their grandchildren. Quantum physics have proven that every event needs an observer to keep it alive (to validate the mathematical, physical and universal laws concerning the event like the law of conservation of matter and energy which says that matter cannot be created nor be destroyed). So if God stops observing you you will cease to exist. But this will never happen since God loves you unconditional and will always for an eternity keep you alive. But since God is energy that means that someone must be observing him as well. That someone would me his Daddy.

Some day we will become gods in our own right and have children of our own. After our consciousness have expanded through all of those millions of incarnations it will eventually split into billions of smaller pieces which will be our spiritual children.
God was also once a child and his consciousness expanded through millions of incarnations until God reached the 11th and last dimension of that parent Universe he came from where he split up into billions of individual pieces. It is now our destiny to evolve back up the ladder back to the source until we have reaches the 11th dimension of THIS universe. You see our Universe is laying in the 11th dimension of another bigger Universe along with billions of other parallel Universes.

Did you know that each time you make a choice all of those other parallel versions or copies of you living in billions of other Parallel universes are making every other alternative choice that you didnít make?

I mean your soul consists of at least hundreds of thousands of individual monadic consciousnesses all existing simultaneously in different dimensions and different universes. They are our future, past and parallel selves. They are all living concurrently. Your soul consists of many, many individual monads (pieces of consciousness). First there was You (God) that then split, re-split and split up again to form your consciousness.

Instead of calling schizophrenia a split personality I would rather call schizophrenia a split from reality. Schizophrenics tune into different dimensions and different Parallel Universes that have split off from our Universe. That is where all their delusions of grandeur, for example, come from. They are just tuning into the realities that their parallel versions of themselves are experiencing.

The reason souls choose to become schizophrenics or to have a very difficult incarnation is because they have become impatient with evolution. You see the emotional pain a schizophrenic experiences is basically suspended Karma from all previous lifetimes he or she would have experienced in another 100 000 lifetimes or so. Now we are doing all of those lifetimes in one incarnation and are guaranteed to move much closer and faster to the Source and higher up the dimensions after we have died.

The thing that attracts me so much to spirituality is the idea that we are all gods in the making. The thing about schizophrenics is that we donít have a healthy self-concept. We donít know who we are. But spirituality teaches the most wonderful concept that we are all one; we are all connected to each other and we are all God.

Being a schizophrenic is not who you really are: The real you is your higher self which sends out hundreds of thousands of individual monads into incarnation. You are all of them at once. You are SPIRIT and NOT your emotions, thoughts and beliefs or ideas you have about your self. You are perfect. We are all equal on a quantum and metaphysical domain. We are PERFECTLY made in the exact image and likeness of God the Source.

Thank you so much for reading this. I really appreciate it!
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How a different perspective can help you cope with pain.
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