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 What are your Super-Powers?

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PostSubject: What are your Super-Powers?   Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:02 pm

Hi my sweet Like a Star @ heaven Indigo People Like a Star @ heaven
What are your Super-Powers?
I had those weird powers when I was a child.

I could read fluently (exactly like today) at the age of four.
So when I was in first grade they put me into second grade right away.
I could also play piano and compose music.

In the morning, I would choose any word in my head.
Then, I would see it sometime in the day.
If I would think strawberries I would see strawberries in a commercial.
If I would think dog, a wandering dog would come visit our house.

I've been having lucid dreams for a long time.
This means that I could be conscious and act in my dreams.
To wake up from a nightmare, I would rub my eyes with my palms in the dream.

E.T. Character would come visit my dreams...
He was behind my bed and he would do: "cooooome" with his finger.
I would follow him behind the bed and wake up sweating.
I was afraid of this dream and would do it repeatedly.

The next one is my favorite.
I call it: The Experiment of The Infinite Great and Infinite Small
It happens without warning when I am in the state just before you fall asleep.
I feel like I can see, or I am, infinitely great and right after, I am a molecule.
I go back and forth into this state, and I can control it, make it go faster.

Your turn now!
Tell me about your intuitive powers, telekinesik, telepathic, visions of death people, or else!
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PostSubject: Re: What are your Super-Powers?   Thu Nov 25, 2010 1:47 pm

Veya wrote:
Hi my sweet Like a Star @ heaven Indigo People Like a Star @ heaven
What are your Super-Powers?
I had those weird powers when I was a child.

Your turn now!
Tell me about your intuitive powers,

I see the future.. all the way to when the planet no longer exists, and beyond...

Sadly I'm not "Indigo", but I am the equivalent, or something else in its own right..? for what I have learned of Life... I don't know what I am..? It changes by the hour...
"Purples", to me are this Race's absolute blood royalty, our very Best...

I've had some weird powers too since I was a child.. Some of this account will likely rub a lot of folks the wrong way, but it's part of me.. and it's the way it happened.. and I believe knowing it would be helpful to this project to wake mankind to a little reality, before we've driven all life into extinction for gold-fever money...

After I was born.. At Gray Nun's Hospital, 4:06 AM Sept 1947, in Regina Saskatchewan Canada, the nurses set me in a little room, in a basket, on a little bed.. then slam-closed the door.. I was in extreme pain from their brutal circumcisional attack upon my Being's most sensitive nerves.. They provided no aesthetic for the surgery and the extreme pain.. Just 50-years ago medical science announced "We are of the conclusion that human babies actually do feel pain"... Well YAY! for that...
It felt like I had been born into hell...

The hospital-room door opened, and in walks a fat misshapen old nun, and a fat misshapen old priest, on a mission.. The nun struggled at the door in trying to lock it.. She cussed at the door, then the priest assisted her to lock the door, and drew its curtain... The nun took a pad of gauze and a brown-vial from her pocket.. soaked the gauze with the liquid in the vial, then placed the gauze on my hurting penis.. It stung sharp for a moment, then the pain vanished.. The priest placed a horrid frightening piece of painted porcelain on my chest, a statue of "a bleeding heart filled with thorns"... The nun removed the gauze from my penis, and dropped a small square of white cotton sheet material over my head, but I could see my feet through a fold in the material.. The priest bent over me, and put his mouth over my penis for a few seconds.. Then the nun removed the cotton square from my face, and they sang a nauseating little chant over me, then the two demons packed-up.. The nun cussed a lot while she struggled to unlock the door.. The priest came to her assistance.. They opened the door, and exited.. I saw them walking away as lizards that looked like small TRex's.. The nun lizard faced me, and hissed an angry growl.. I saw their tails slithering out of sight...
I Saw Lizards!.. indoctrinating me into their insane bullshit religion...
I suspect that Christianity is how evolved TRex's feed off of humanity's life-essences...

When I was 3-months old, my parents left me baby-sat by my dad's uncle, the priest visiting from Rome, while they went Xmes shopping... The priest, removed my diaper, glared over my crotch for a couple minutes, then bent over, and clamped his mouth over my penis.. It hurt!.. I slugged his left ear.. He looked at me slightly angry.. held my arms above my head, then clamped back on.. I kneed his right ear.. He looked at me with a half reddened half psychotic face.. held my legs down, and clamped back on... The extreme frustration of being unable to defend myself, caused me to reach to the mind realms, to download a coy of the contents of his mind, of his 14-years reading in Rome's restricted libraries, as treasurer of the "Obelthht" Monks.. Files moved before me.. One file opened as a huge hand, which moved to, and inside his chest, seizing his heart, and at my trigger it squeezed his heart in a tightening fist, squeezing it tighter and tighter, holding it for ten seconds longer than he had molested me.. He stood straight up, arched his back back a bit, pawing and clawing at his chest, and turning whitish blue.. I then flung his heart across the room.. He went with it.. His feet never touch the floor.. He Slammed hard into the wall to ceiling bookshelf, bring it all down upon him in bits... The Mother Mary statue, on the adjacent shelf, teetered side to side, then toppled, falling onto his head, breaking into three chunks...
I noted movement all around me, while the baby-molester catholic-priest lay there unconscious under bits of shelving, books, and knick-knacks...

To my left, my 4:0clock, a beautiful lady floated ten feet above the floor.. She made everything feel peaceful...
To my right, there were four ancient adults standing beside me.. Merlin stood three feet out from my right hip.. To his left was a Samurai warrior.. On my left were three other adults.. and Mary, still floating above the floor... I faced the Samurai.. He smiled and grinned.. He turned to show me his back.. A gold embroidered nature scene on black silk.. He pulled one of his swords, bowed, and holding the blade, he pushed the handle under my hand, so my hand was resting on it.. then holding the blade, he made the blade go in every motion and direction the sword went, in teaching me the Sword.. Then he left the heavy sword resting on my chest for a minute.. I studied it... I glanced to the Samurai.. His hands were bleeding profusely.. Must have been a very sharp sword.. Probably the sharpest sword in all of existence... He hid his wounds from me.. but I saw the flow of blood falling from them.. He seemed to not be concerned about the bleeding.. I wasn't either... He reached, and retrieved his sword, and slid it into his belt, smiled and bowed... I faced Merlin.. His flashing rainbow coloured suit had me laughing and giggling, and kicking my feet in the air.. He smiled and bowed.. then pulled his hand out from in his suit, with a natural ruby in his fingers.. He reached over me, and placed the ruby on my chest, on my solarplex... I really wanted to get a hold of that ruby with my hands, but they wouldn't work.. The ruby started slowly sinking into my chest, then vanished under the skin.. I looked into Merlin's eyes.. He was smiling, only.. He bowed pretty... I played with a dark creature that was hiding behind my head.. It refused to let me see it..? Movement happened at my 11:oclock.. a twelve foot maroon dragon meandered into the room, panning the whole room.. It set its heavy head on my knees, then gazed at my eyes with its huge black eye.. Its head was too heavy.. I tried to wiggle my legs.. Immediately it raised its head, then set it down lighter.. It was still heavy, but I let it go... I focussed on the lovely floating lady.. Her smile made everything be safe and warm and peaceful...
Suddenly all the icons around me sharp-focused on the priest, as he stirred...
The priest turned his head to glance at me, and saw my friends.. He kicked his feet in the air, like he was trying to run away.. then he pooped in his pants.. He shoved the debris off himself, and tried to stand.. My impassion was, that if he dared attack me again, he would thus be instantly vaporized in to a mist of flaming dust... He washed, collected his possessions, then waited on the front step till my parents returned... When they returned, He said "something happened to him which nearly killed him, and he refused to re-enter the house... Mum came in, and commented on a large pool of blood on the floor where the Samurai had been standing... Dad came in to see the blood, but it vanished before he got there...
Mum picked me up, and said, "So you gave your uncle Leo a run for his money did you?.. She plugged a warm nipple into my mouth...

What is "Merlin's Ruby"..? Some evil remoters have tried to pull it out of my chest.. I turned their souls and spirits into flames as they attacked...

My first day at school, the bell rang, and I lined up behind the grade eights.. I didn't want anything to do with the moronic sour-milk smelling sucky-babies in the kiddies rows...
..School was a huge nightmare for me.. They were all so stupid and childish.. None of them had the slightest clue about any reality.. They should have all been in diapers and cribs... School for me was like "a prison camp", "an insane asylum for this toilet-culture's mindless puppies"...

In ultra deep trance, I found a quiet void deep in the planet.. I telepathed into the void, "Your majesty, my child, I shall repair your skin, if you teach me how"... suddenly I got the feelings like a baby being scooped up off the floor from behind, without warning.. Then the sensations like my head had just been plugged into a 600-volt light socket, and my brain was being filled up with knowledge.. My legs went off-line, and down I went, my knees slamming onto the hardwood floor... I couldn't move a muscle while the thing filled up my head with science, for three solid excruciating minutes...
I had to shift internal momentum, to rock side to side on stinging knees, to get off my stinging knees.. I managed to topple over, and slammed into the wall, shoulder and head, to break my fall...
When the input subsided, I barely managed to crawl to the couch, laughing to tears, after mumbling, "Now I'll call That!, a Communication with a Big One"...

Re: Your lovely "molecule dream".. That's TimeTravel, your majesty... That's your "primary molecule".. I wonder what owned that molecule previously, originally..? Re: "molecular memory"... You are definitely a goddess, your precious purple majesty... I wish I was holding you close in embrace this very now.. I would be soul to soul sharing with you all I have learned of Life and beyond, if your heart is physically very strong, and if you really wants these pathetic dangerous 1400-new-sciences, and all the secret libraries Rome crap I downloaded from that vile baby-molesting priest, all cluttering-up your sweet artsy mind..? Me thinks you wouldn't want my gosh-awful memories.. I sure don't!..

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PostSubject: Re: What are your Super-Powers?   Thu Nov 25, 2010 2:07 pm

I'm having a heck of time editing that post.. Seems outsiders are messing with it.. It changes on me, and it ain't me changing it... Obviously they don't want the truth be published...

I finally got it the way I wants it...
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PostSubject: Re: What are your Super-Powers?   

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What are your Super-Powers?
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