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 Is this common?

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PostSubject: Is this common?   Thu Feb 26, 2009 5:54 am

Hey all, I'm new. I would post an introduction, however I'm impatient to post this:

Okay, well, I am yet to know wither I am an Indigo or not. The idea is very exciting, but then again I guess nowadays everyone fits the description of an "Indigo". Anyway, for a while now, I've had this feeling. Its peculiar and yet somehow very attracting. I'm pretty sure everybody else probably feels this, but I'd just like to say my two cence worth on the matter, anyway;

I feel I am destined for something. I haven't been on Earth long, I suppose you could say. The New Age idea intrigues me very much, and I would love to be more involved. Things which most would find strange interests me, and when I try to strike deep conversations with my friends, they act like I'm speaking Mandarin. Perhaps they're just too naive.

But this feeling is strong. Like a really catchy song that you sing over and over, but forget the name of it. Something like that. I feel I've been put on this Earth to make a change, do something good (maybe even bad). I have been told I have ESP and although I do not have ADHD or anything like that, I feel strongly for change. I believe I've been put here for a reason, and I need to fulfill my destiny; this mission of change.

Basically, what I'm trying to get at is, does anybody else feel like this? Like they have something important to do, but just don't know what it is yet? It feels sort of like, my spirit trying to escape my body, but something is keeping it back. *Sigh* I must sound pretty crazy right now. Thanks for reading this, and please post back.


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PostSubject: Hi my friend   Fri Feb 27, 2009 5:22 am

Well I have always felt exactly like this and still feel it very strongly everyday.
(Like I have something important to do, but just know what yet.)
It's not really a good feeling, it's driving me very anxious not to know what it is.
You say you would do anything good or bad, maybe because you don't really believe in "good" or "bad".
It's definitely sings that you are an Indigo. You know, there are a lot more Indigos today, there are even new categories of lightworkers, but definitely not everyone is.
If you want to have a good chat sometimes, give me a sign my friend.
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Is this common?
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