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 Alternate Endings

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PostSubject: Alternate Endings   Alternate Endings EmptyTue Nov 27, 2007 5:22 am

I just watched "Star Trek: Nemesis" (not that I haven't before.) But I still feel that there was something missing in the film. The ending didn't come close to really doing it for me (look at the ending in the series' premiere; so much better!) The scene with Picard speaking with Before (Lore's prototype) was great, and I would have kept it. But not for the final scene. Iím sure some writers would disagree with this (although I'm sure the fans would have loved it.) If it were up to me this is how I would have ended it:

Data's funeral. Teary, yet, with hope. Picard looks around and sees the tears and brave faces, and his eyes water. They've come so far. We all have. After his touching speech he walks away -- suddenly we cut to see him sitting and talking with Before. After this scene, we see stars fall behind (symbolic of time passing) as a shuttle reaches the planet Betazed (the Betazoid Homeworld.) (I figure that, due to all the tragedy, the wedding would have been postponed.) Picard is now walking naked (although we don't see his naughty bits.) We see Worf walking as he covers himself, and comedic exchanges between them as others arrive and they enter for the service.

Then, the scene in Picard's Ready Room as he and Riker say their goodbyes. "The honour has been all mine," returns Picard. Riker leaves with a sentimental aura. Picard sits at his desk. This is slow; no rush. A sentimental moment and the fans don't want it to end. Picard lifts out a photo from his desk. In it we see the whole team; including Data, and even Tasha Yar. Picard smiles, teary-eyed (a real tear would be fantastic.) Then he freezes. We can't see or hear anything. What does he see? Picard raises his head slowly. Then before him we see Q, looking down at him teary-eyed and yet rather expressionless both at once. Picard's eyes widen. Q still doesn't speak; we can see in his eyes that he wants to express something but will he? Picard sits back in his chair. He really doesn't know what to say. And the still silence continues (the audience is meanwhile stiff in shock and delighted to see Q, at the edge of their seats to see who will say what.)

Finally Q speaks. I would word this very carefully (my finest writing), but I would have Q begin with "Mon Captain," but with a non-smug sentimental air. Then a pause. Sentimental eyes, from Q! (Just as we can learn from animals, Q has learned from humanity -- it has helped him reconnect with something he lost (he has been watching over Picard very closely.) Picard is most curious but silent. Q says that this event marks a new beginning; that the facing of his own dark side was merely a mirror of an internal conflict which had been waging in the human soul for a very long time. He says that these events had to unravel, to mark the end of an age, and the beginning of a new one (the next phase on the evolutionary ladder (a time of peace, leading to real growth.) Q confesses discretely that he had known years ago that this potential fate awaited Picard (a possible future which Q had protected several times through the series), and that he had faith (faith!) that Picard would see it through. Is this a goodbye, or merely a congratulations? Q salutes Picard (not in his usual cocky way, but of course not solemnly either -- somewhere in the middle.) Then vanishes. No tricks, no leaving Picard with a cigar in the mouth or sombrero on his head. Nothing.

Picard stares blankly for a moment, then sitting further back in his chair. He reflects upon all that has happened, and considers Q's words. A half smile; slightly humoured by Q at last? His eyes grow dark for just a moment, like a hiccup of dark remembrance on the recent events. Then, with watery, spirited eyes he turns to his window. And peers out. So, we made it after all. Now we see from the outside (no music, deadly quiet!) The camera pans back, as we see the Enterprise under reconstruction. Then a leap back, and it's further in the distance. Then the camera intuitively falls back, and we find ourselves gazing at infinity. Suddenly -- bam -- the ending credits roll!

That's how I would have ended it. And I would have cried. And I would have been eager to watch the whole movie again, as it would have complimented the film and gave the whole story deeper value (plus, it would explain what Q was talking about In "All Good Things" (Picard: "Q, what are you trying to tell me?" Q: "You'll find out.")

Are there any movie endings that you would have done differently?
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Alternate Endings
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