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 Reptilian Symbolism

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PostSubject: Reptilian Symbolism   Reptilian Symbolism EmptySat Dec 15, 2007 11:32 pm

Here is a look at Reptilian symbolism throughout history. There are many more out there. These are referenced from the very first link underneath, exposing a surprising array of military patches' proud symbolism.

Reptilian Symbolism 1-2
1. Masonic Apron Clasps. Sandusky, Ohio street layout.

Reptilian Symbolism 2-2
2. Ouroboros - The 25th (Knight of the Brazen Serpent) and 28th (Knight of the Sun) degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry use this symbol.

Reptilian Symbolism 3-2
3. Cecrops, the (mythical?) founder of Athens, Greece.

Reptilian Symbolism 4-2
4. From contributor Nick Fenning. Logo and murals from a Greek Orthodox monastery in Mount Athos, Greece, connected to Prince Charles and his father, Bush Sr. and Colin Powell.

Reptilian Symbolism 5-2
5. Contributor Jon writes "These pictures were taken at the Convento de San Francisco museum in the old Spanish colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua. Statues were created by indigenous groups living on Zapatera Island."

Reptilian Symbolism 6-2
6. SUBLIME PRINCE OF THE ROYAL SECRET [Master of Royal Secret] from Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma of Masonry.

Reptilian Symbolism 7BReptilian Symbolism 7-2
7 / 7B. Snake imagery at the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia.

Reptilian Symbolism 8-2
8. The well-known statuette from Iraq, 4000 BC.

Reptilian Symbolism 9-1
9. More Greek mythology, a drakon disgorging Jason.
Reptilian Symbolism 10
10. The 2008 Olympics should be interesting, housed in a giant all-seeing reptilian eye.

Reptilian Symbolism 11BReptilian Symbolism 11A
11 A/B. Reptilian statues from the turn of the century, from Oslo, Norway.

Reptilian Symbolism 12
12. I suppose enough has been written about the significance of the intertwining snakes that look like DNA which are universally recognized as a symbol of "medicine", but here's a stone carving from the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast, Ireland.

Reptilian Symbolism 13
13. Helen Blavatsky's broach.

Reptilian Symbolism 14
14. The seal of the Theosophical Society, founded by Blavatsky. The Society's Seal incorporated the Swastika, Star of David, Ankh and Ouroboros symbols.

Reptilian Symbolism 15
15. The estate of the Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy.


Military Patches:

Reptilian Symbolism:

History of Reptilian/Masonic Symbolism:
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Blue Water
Blue Water

Number of posts : 605
Age : 39
Location : Canada
Registration date : 2007-11-19

Reptilian Symbolism Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reptilian Symbolism   Reptilian Symbolism EmptyWed Dec 19, 2007 1:59 pm

There is a global, ancient, unconscious connection to serpent/reptile symbolism. Deep inside we know it represents something meaningful to us, and thus the reptilian image has its power. Many ancient gods were symbolized as or with serpents. Modern-day powers, such as the Free Masons, still use serpent symbolism heavily.

Reptilian Symbolism 1-3

And you'll find it attached to many successful companies and products. Here's some:

Reptilian Symbolism 2-3
Reptilian Symbolism 3-3Reptilian Symbolism 4-3
Reptilian Symbolism 5-3
Reptilian Symbolism 6-3
Reptilian Symbolism 7-3
Reptilian Symbolism ReptilianrecordsReptilian Symbolism Sobe
Reptilian Symbolism Turtles
More reptilian ads:

Reptilian Symbolism 8-3

Reptilian Symbolism 9-2Reptilian Symbolism 10-1
Reptilian Symbolism 11madonaReptilian Symbolism 12-1
Madona the Illuninated
Reptilian Symbolism 13-1Reptilian Symbolism 14-1
Reptilian Symbolism 16Reptilian Symbolism 17
Reptilian Symbolism 18
A couple more:

Reptilian Symbolism 15-1
Reptilian Symbolism CatWoman

Our secret leaders:

Reptilian Symbolism 11
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Reptilian Symbolism
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