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 The Pleiadian Movement

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PostSubject: Re: The Pleiadian Movement   Fri Jan 18, 2008 2:51 am

I was reading your replies here to each other about Pleiadians and Indigos and Billy Meirs... I felt like throwing in a little info of my own:

About Indies... we're not all angry (LOL) but we do have a lot of frustration and it does tend to take the form of big anger bouts. And, at least for me, it isn't about the time factor or that I have this massive mission to do at all... it's more about not being 1) Understood 2) Heard 3) Validated and 4) Resonated with on the same level. But then, every Indi is just a very old soul, and that goes along with being among the minority... 'Indigo', shmindigo... it's the same for every Sage. It's just another 'categorization', doesn't make us better or more equipped, we're all here just learning our lessons as well because we chose to.

Blue, you may feel a big resonance with the Pleiadian thing because your soul is aligned with the Pleiades, and we've all had much history with them... in fact, we ARE them in their past (ask me about that later, though, sorry to confuse anyone!)

Billy Meiers... Never have resonated with it, it's very skewed. In discovering and reading all his stuff last year, my gut feeling was always that of "something's off" and doubting. Whenever that happens, it's not the vibtration of truth, but of half-truths and no truth at all. He may not even be aware of it's 'dissonance' either, so, he may really believe it himself.



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PostSubject: Re: The Pleiadian Movement   Fri Jan 18, 2008 8:15 am

Good points all, SD. I know where you are coming from with the 'we are the Ps in their past' statement. Knew you were the one to answer Blue's questions Very Happy
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The Pleiadian Movement
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